Photographing the new grace??

Is photographing the food we eat, the new grace?

I thought I was the only over zealous enthusiastic person taking photographs of food. BUt it appears not.

AS I sit in Thailand I see others taking photos of their meals before feasting in. I see pictures uploaded to facebook of people displaying their food and I have an album or two of pure food shots.

I can of course rationalise my actions through my work and desire to share the word that healthy food looks awesome. It looks inviting, vibrant and ALIVE! But is that what all these other people are doing?

I think the new fad of photographing your meal is a form of acknowledgement and gratefullness. A form of grace if you will. Thank-you GOD for this food we are about to recieve…. hang on, I will just take a photo instead. Same senitment, different dialogue.

And if this is the inspiration behind people taking pics of food, keep it going. I encourage

it. Images say a thousand words and maybe when we flick back through our pics we get to indulge in our fortunes one more time. It is a good thing.

What do you think?


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