Fertile times

SO how do you know when you are fertile?

What is the best time in the month yo have  sex if you want to fall pregnant?

Day 1 of the cycle is the first day of the woman’s period. The average woman will hatch an egg (ovulate) around the 14th day, which will survive for up to a week, but is best for 48 hours, so this is when insemination needs to occur. Many women ovulate earlier than 14 days and many are late ovulators.

To determine whether you are ovulating, a doctor can do a blood test for Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) in the early part of your cycle.  There are many home kits designed to pick up changes in your hormones to let you know if you are ovulating. Other reliable signs are vaginal secretions, which change from being a normal milky or clear fluid with mushy consistency, to egg white consistency and very slimy. Temperature increases; a slight pain on one side; increased libido, a pimple or tears, are also other subtle signs that you may be ovulating.

Many people are rusty on this , even those going that next step (IVF) ..

In 2009 two Melbourne IVF clinics conducted a study and found that only 13 per cent of women had a good understanding of when they were fertile in their cycle, with 53 per cent having a poor understanding and 11 per cent with no understanding at all! This research is alarming, as doctors are referring couples to IVF clinics without first assessing or supplying basic education, and are also installing a fear of ‘infertility’ into their minds, when many may not be.

If you want to find out what your hormones are doing, try a saliva test. Webinars on fertility are coming up so make sure you join the newsletter for the latest info :-) Sam

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